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Posted: 11/11/2015 | Views: 2,599

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of WITHERED. The Atlanta based critically acclaimed black metal band will release their next full-length via the label in 2016.

Regarding the signing, WITHERED comment, "We are proud to work with a label like Season of Mist, which is truly committed to supporting extreme metal. WITHERED's character and passion will be well represented by the Season of Mist team. After three years of evolution, our breath has deepened to fuel our musical exploration, and our growth, past the most brutal of expectations. We'll see YOU on tour soon!"

Formed in 2003, WITHERED has created waves in the North American underground through the release of 3 critically acclaimed full lengths. The band's music, characterized by highly introspective, dark and tumultuous lyrics traverses many sub-genres of extreme metal and show a band evolving from one album to the next.

For the release of their forthcoming new album, the band have enlisted the talents of acclaimed bass player Colin Marston (GORGUTS, DYSRHYTMIA, KRALLICE, and more).

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good for them. they're sadly overlooked.
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