Harms Way has van, equipment stolen


Posted: 04/18/2012 | Views: 5,817

Doesn't it seem like every few months a hardcore band gets their van or equipment stolen? Apparently the bands that work the hardest also have the hardest time keeping their shit. This is a really unfortunate situation and hopefully people can help them out, and maybe put Kickstarter to good use for a change.

From the Craigslist Article: (email this address if you have any information)

Our van was stolen last night from the Wicker Park area of Chicago with a bunch of gear inside. If anyone has any info or sees it pop up anywhere PLEASE notify me immediately, thank you.

Stolen Equipment:

Peavy 5150 (II) 150 watt Eddie Van Halen signature guitar head with
ATA black road case. The face plate of the head has been removed.

LTD EC-1000 black gloss Korean-made Les Paul body type guitar with
Gibson 1990 "chainsaw case" with blue interior

Pedal train PT-1 pedal board with case and: Ibanez T9 tube screamer,
BOSS tu-2 Chromatic stomp box tuner, DOS envelope filter stomp box,
BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay pedal and a daisy chain

American Fender Jazz Bass inside a hard, black case with "2*Sweet" spray painted on it in white.
Also an inverted cross spray painted in white near the top of the case.

Ampeg 8x10 Bass Cabinet. "2*Sweet" written on the wood in permanent marker on the side where Tolex was stripped off.
Also the wheels are attached to a 2x4 at the bottom

Traynor TS-140 Bass Head. Grey, old, beat-up looking. Power cable in the back is very frayed.

BOSS ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal
BOSS TU-2 Chromatic tuner

VAN info:

99 Ford e350 xlt 15 Passenger silver with LARGE DENT on passenger side

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