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The Empty Tomb - The Empty Tomb

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 03/15/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

All over the layout on this album is the phrase "SLAMMING CHRISTIAN BRUTALITY." My mind is boggled from the word go. I guess there's a first time for everything, but sometimes there shouldn't be a first for some things.

This ep was brought to the world by one man, Mark Rawls. He does everything on this release. Vocals, drums, guitars, layout, etc. I'm not sure if they're programmed drums or not, but at times they seem like they may be. Anyway, this release is odd coming from a man that was in Kretan that had an album called Christian Corpse Mutilation. He was also in Sik Fuk and Guttural Engorgement. Since then he has done countless one off bands that seem to pop up on myspace, do one ep, and then disappear. The Empty Tomb follows the sound of most of his recent bands, except he is now apparently a born again Christian.

I by no means intend to mock him for finding Jesus, but this whole thing seems like a mockery of it more than anything. There are no lyrics printed and I seriously refuse to believe any words are being said. It just sounds like he's burping one long monotonous note. Each song starts off with an ironic Christian soundclip and that's mainly where I feel it's a mockery. He seriously samples from The Big Lebowski "nobody fucks with the Jesus", but he takes out the word fuck in it! It's ridiculous.

As for the music, it is some of the most thoughtless and boring slam I've ever heard. Each song sounds EXACTLY the same. They go nowhere, are very short, and all of them end the same with the guitars fading quick while the drums and vocals fade slowly. This thing is so damn uninspired that it hurts. You get zero thought of any emotion in the music. I struggle to find anything really redeeming on the album. Overall, it's absolutely nothing that hasn't been done to boring death.

In one quick instance, Mark Rawls has seemingly set back the chance of others taking Christian metal seriously. The only cool thing about this release is the layout. The best part is the cd. The side that has the data on the disc has art etched into the areas not being used up by music. It's pretty cool and the first time for me seeing a band do something like that.

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i could not agree with you more.he makes the guys who try really hard and put a lot of time in putting out a decent release.i have a christian side project too that will blow his shit away and will send you a copy when its done
I have no legs!
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