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Norma Jean - O God, The Aftermath

cbrickhouse   (1827 reviews)

Posted: 02/26/2005 | Comments: 498 | Rate:

Just when I thought this band couldn't possibly write more derived, nonsensical music and lyrics, they proved me wrong. Botch should be pissed by how much these idiots have ruined their sound.

I would rather chop my fingers off one by one than by forced to listen to this again. There aren't enough synonyms for "suck" to even cover this release.

* This is a special note to all the people bashing my opinion on this release for whatever reason: so I don't like this stupid band! is the world going to end? No. I'm sure I like plenty of bands you don't like. People have different opinions, deal with it.

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I have no legs!
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I have no legs!
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Thank you, jason
I have no legs!
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