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The Mob - Back To Queens

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 08/10/2012 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

Pardon me while I bust out the soap box for a minute on that ass

Though I have had my giddy nerdy fanboy moments over the years, I usually take a pretty cynical approach to reunions. The vast majority of them I have born witness to have some kind of undercurrent to them that makes me roll my eyes. One original member resurrecting the band....old dudes playing well past their prime....bands of modest importance being treated (and paid) as if Raybeez himself crawled out of the grave.....I could go on, but perhaps the most dicey of all situations is bands who put out new music. Wow some of them suck. And what smugness of bands and fans alike to expect guys in their 40's to drop a record that matches the youthful spontaneity of a record they put out two fucking decades ago. It all creates this sort of "good enough is good enough" mentality among people, and propagates this system of near rock star worship that has little place in punk rock.

Well......not so in the case of The Mob, one of New York's early, but less well known, hardcore gem bands. The Mob were one of the true first wave hardcore bands, not just in NY, but ever. "Upset The System" should be required listening for anyone looking to understand where bands like the Cro Mags and Sick Of It All came from. In the time that it's taken me to grow up, graduate high school, get a full time job, and get married, these guys have barely been an active band, and yet with "Back To Queens" they pick up, drop 3 killer punk songs and sound like they didn't even miss a beat. These songs could be mistaken as being written and performed by people old enough to BE the kids of these band members. It's what hardcore should be; brief, simple, vicious and visceral. Normally in reviews I take off points for EP's that are way too short for their own good, but I can't find any reason to hate on this one at all.

Learn more about their history in the provided link.

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