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Wisdom In Chains - The Missing Links

emogeddon   (58 reviews)

Posted: 04/05/2012 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

Alright, 2012 is already shaping up to be one of the best years for new music. The first four months of the year have not let me down with a lot of old favorites putting out great records.

None of these bands have hit me on a personal level quite as much as Wisdom In Chains have. I might be a bit biased because of the Pennsylvania connection or that no matter what mood I'm in, there's a Wisdom In Chains that works. What I'm getting at here is that I am an unabashed fan and have yet to be let down by anything that they've release, whether it be a full length, EP or a split.

Listening to a Wisdom In Chains album is like going home to me. Sure, there are differences and they are noticeable but everything is instantly familiar. Everything they've released is a logical progression from where they left off the last time. They've blazed a trail being one of the most diverse bands in hardcore and The Missing Links definitely fits right in with their back catalog.

While listening to this album, the one major thing that has stood out to me is how mature it sounds. Over the last three albums, they've shown that they're more than comfortable with their sound and aren't afraid to experiment with new stuff, such as Top of the World which features vocalist from rapper Slaine. I'm sure there are a few people that are rolling their eyes at that statement but don't fret, this isn't some nu-metal track. They do it with their style and do it fuckin' well.

As a matter of fact, there are no dud tracks on this album. The new recordings of Snakes and In Case You Forgot are winners and all of the new tracks are some of the best songs they've written. One thing that Wisdom In Chains manages to do is to make each song a separate entity. A lot of bands in this game write one song over and over again, it's common place but Wisdom In Chains have avoided that pitfall completely.

If you were a Wisdom In Chains fan before, you will continue to be. If you aren't a fan, you need to listen to one of the most exciting and diverse bands in hardcore. Trust me on this.

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hardcore for life
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will listen soon.
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Haven't received hardcopy. Digi.. solid though.
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seriously good.
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Bought this the other day. Did not disappoint.
I brought gifts
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Took me a couple listens but I am fully into it now. The song missing links is by far my favorite.
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Yeah that song rules, love that riff.

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