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Hammerhead - Come Get Bit (EP)

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 09/21/2011 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Why I sat on this review for so long is beyond me, especially considering this is easily my favorite hardcore release of the year and by far one of the best debut’s from a band in a long time. With that being said I present to you the Demo/EP/whatever this is being considered from New Jersey’s Hammerhead, Come Get Bit.

When I heard that Chris and Al (Shattered Realm/Suffer The Living) were starting up a new project, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I had the confidence in the project that it would atleast be decent. I have gone on record to say that Broken Lies, Spoken Ties was my favorite record of 2002 and Suffer The Living was the melodic metalcore that bands like Killswitch Engage should be playing instead of the BS they have been cranking out for years now. While both of those bands shared a similarity in being generally heavy they were completely different entities entirely. There was a small part of me that expected Suffer The Living part 2, but boy was I wrong.

There have been a slew of hardcore bands that are really trying hard to give their best effort at the whole crossover genre. Few bands, like Terror, are doing the more thrash influenced hardcore right while keeping each release somewhat fresh. I find that most of the bands that were strictly hardcore first are can’t quite grasp the metal side of things.
Then comes along a band like Hammerhead.

It’s clear now after all these years that the members of this band, known more for their hardcore related projects, are clearly metal geeks in disguise. Take away a few parts that cling to the hardcore genre, and you have something that isn’t too far removed from something like Warbringer but with some sort of mythological beast screaming the lyrics. The ferocity of this album is matched nearly by nothing that I have heard in recent memory and it never lets up for a second over the course of the albums 7 songs. Guitarists Len and Dustin have laid down a foundation of pure thrash heaven. Licks that could have been written in the prime of the 80’s thrash explosion. Blistering picking, ultra catchy grooves, and some bitchin’ solos. The chemistry shines as Al, who has always been one of my favorite drummers associated with hardcore, lays down a backbone that seems to drive the album and Chris sounds the best I have ever heard him (see the mythological beast comment).

Production wise this is pretty monumental for a demo. Having worked with Len Carmichael in the studio before, I knew going in to expect quality well above the norm for your average band demo. With the exception of one of the guest vocal spots, everything is about as perfect as you would want for an official record and well beyond what you’d anticipate for your bands demo. Every time Len does work on a new album he completely outdoes himself from the last time. In time I can see him becoming one of the dominating producers in the area.

Overall I couldn’t have been more impressed with this record. It was accidentally left with me when I originally got it and I couldn’t stop playing it for nearly a month. I can’t wait to see this band play live. This is easily the heaviest hardcore record of the year and I think if it wasn’t for Vader releasing something, it would without a doubt take the title for my favorite record in general. Kudos to the boys. Now play a damn show!

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some bitchin’ solos
Fuck You!!
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ive been listening to this since it was featured, deffinetly need to play some shows this fall!
I have no legs!
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"It’s clear now after all these years that the members of this band, known more for their hardcore related projects, are clearly metal geeks in disguise".

Absolute truth here.

Thank you not only for the review, but for commenting on the drumming. Of the hundreds of reviews I have read of CD's i've played on, you are one of maybe 5 that commented on the drumming, and I love you for it.
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I had heard this right when it was finished. I legitimately just love this fucking album. I rocked it over and over when it was featured and never got tired of it.

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