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The Holy Mountain - Here Is No Exit (Picture Disc)

TOOTHPAC SHAKUR   (7 reviews)

Posted: 10/14/2010 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

Hell YES.

The Holy Mountain have been one of my favorite bands since when they got signed to No Idea records. When they came out with their debut record, I was blown away. Equal parts Cursed, Skitsystem and D-beat/crust in general, these guys are PISSED. In my opinion, they didn’t write the book on modern d-beat, they took it and fucking burned it. Based out of Tampa, Florida, these guys have been killing it for years.

To be honest, when the first track "Here Is No Exit" started, I was a little confused. THM have always had some pretty out there guitar leads but this kinda sounds a little too 90s hardcore for me, they even had the gang vocals in there. What the hell? Thankfully the second track, "Jungle Beatings" took it right back to classic THM. Pissed, fast as hell and brutal shouting vocals. Love it.

For the rest of the record, they mostly stay the course of what they have always been good at. Track six, "Possession" sounds like it could have easily been on Cursed "II" and that’s a huge compliment. My favorite track on the record is "George Jackson", probably cause it was release on a No Idea comp a couple months ago so I was already familiar with it.

The only throw away track I would say is the title track, and unfortunately, its also the first track so I hope people wont get turned off by the record right away. This is the bands most produced record, which isn’t a band thing but older fans might have a little trouble warming up to the clearer sound of the recording.

All in all, this is another great record by a great band. I like that they are expanding their sound (even though I might not like the gang vocals) instead of just putting out the same record over and over again. Not as good as "Bloodstains Across Your Face", but still great and definitely worth picking up and checking out.

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I brought gifts
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loved everything else they have done.....will get this
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gave it a listen, it's good

not as heavy as i had hoped though
master quoter
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its a great record, yea not as heavy as bloodstains but still pretty tough.
into it.
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didn't know they were still a band... gonna have to check this out

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