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Morphine – Journey Of Dreams

polyresinator   (55 reviews)

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Actors: Henry Rollins, Mark Sandman, Dana Colley, Steve Berlin, Joe Strummer, Jerome Deupree

Synopsis: Engaging documentary examining the “Low Rock” band from Boston

In the 1990’s the Boston-born “Low Rock” band Morphine burst on the international music scene. They began in small local clubs and were on indie and major labels. Soon with high and wide critical acclaim their concerts were packed shows until the band’s untimely demise. The trio’s unique and mesmeric sound continues to resonate with its fans and music lovers as the group ascends to legendary status. This documentary is the definitive, in-depth tale of this unique musical act’s compelling career and life together and their musical creativity. The film doesn’t just get behind the music but inside the band. The story is told by the trio’s surviving members, saxophonist Dana Colley and drummers Billy Conway and Jerome Dupree plus the close-knit familial coterie that worked with them as well as Sandman’s girlfriend Sabine Hrechdakian. We get incisive commentary and observations from such friends and admirers of the group as Henry Rollins, Joe Strummer and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. There is also plenty live performance footage from across Morphine’s career and we are reminded the band’s innovative yet at the same time classic, timeless sound. We go on tour with the band seen through Colley’s Polaroid pictures and Super 8 films. “Morphine: Journey of Dreams” is not just a tale of music business struggle, triumph and tragedy, but it is also a love as well as an adventure, drama, travelogue, and a roller coaster ride. Plus, when all is told, an evocative and loving tribute to a rock band that was like no other.

Mark Shuman brings us a groundbreaking biographical documentary with “Morphine Journey of Dreams”. The interweaving of audio and video recordings made by the man who was Morphine’s creator and backbone, Mark Sandman, recent reflections by the people who surrounded him, from before the band formed, until Mark’s tragic death, distinctly unique tour journals by Dana Colley, master sax-man, being read by the man himself, gives us inside information rarely found in any biography, especially one in which the main person is no longer living. The film flows seamlessly from the days before the inception of Morphine and it’s tragic conclusion nearly 16 years ago on a scorching hot day in central Italy. Shuman found a way to bring Sandman back to life, to make him a part of this well crafted work. The film makes Morphine’s legacy available for generations to come.

As for Bonus Materials, there's 40 minutes of additional interviews with Morphine band members, Henry Rollins, Joe Strummer, and Steve Berlin. There's also Dana Colley’s journal readings and Sandman’s photographs.



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