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Microsoft security 64 bit may be a security software solution designed to keep your computer clean by identifying and removing every kind of malicious files within the regional disks.

Especially designed to be fast and reliable, Microsoft Safety Scanner greets users which includes a well-developed wizard, which only prompts them to choose from a few different types of scan: handy scan, full scan and customized scan.

Capable of removing viruses, spy ware and other dangerous files in your computer, Microsoft Safety Scanner completes the scanning endeavor in only two or three minutes, while you are the computer is moderately stressed up through the process.

Surely, the application displays some figures these types of given that the currently scanned file, the number of scanned and infected files, initiate time and time elapsed.

What's more important is always that Microsoft Safety Scanner is kind of effective, but this does not imply that it might exchange an antivirus product altogether. No, this is just an application alleged to help you handle some current malicious files, even so it can't protect against your system from becoming infected from the potential.

Quite simply, you will find no genuine time protection available and, what is actually a whole lot more, it could actually only be put to use for 10 days soon after launched for the first time.

Microsoft Safety Scanner works flawlessly on most Windows versions, including XP, Vista and 7, without the absolutely need for administrator privileges to scan the system.

All facts considered, Microsoft Safety Scanner does its occupation and gets rid of adware and viruses for your system, but an antivirus product with real-time protection is still essential.
forum Do It Yourself Help/Tips ›› Microsoft security 64 bit Free Downlaod ›› new reply Post Reply

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