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October 18 2017 12:05 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Having co-founded indie label Mashhh! Records and played an integral role in the band Casa del Mirto, Luigi Segnana presents his new project [lessness], an evocative, dark foray into culture and sound. Inspired by a vast array of literature, from T.S. Eliot to Kafka, Luigi wants to bring his listeners’ imaginations to life through music.

The name [lessness] was inspired by Samuel Beckett’s short story ‘Lessness.’ Beckett’s prose is permutated in such a way that readers are forced to explore his various sentence structures in order to uncover their meaning. In the same way Luigi wants listeners’ experiencing [lessness}’ to uncover various layers of meaning in order to fully understand the messages conveyed by his work.

For exactly that reason, the official video for ‘Cwtch’, the lead single from [lessness].’ debut EP, acts as a cinematic experience which transports viewers to a scenic wonderland. This area is free from technology, traffic, excessive noise, or any of those things which make day-to-day modern life hectic.

Viewing the video superficially, one may simply see a group of friends enjoying a day in the woods. However, the video carries a far deeper meaning. ‘Cwtch’ is Welsh for ‘hug.’ Luigi’s deep appreciation of Wales, led him to regard it as a safe place, and create a song which seeks to create a safe place for listeners. Hence the friends in the video retreat to nature, and find pleasure and security in the trees, lakes and the company of each other.

This tracks opens The Night Has Gone To War EP perfectly, as the EP itself is influenced by Dylan Thomas’ poem Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, which encourages the individual to make the most of life, and overcome any hardship which he or she may face through a steady determination for their situation to reach a more positive outcome. The entire EP focuses on healing and emerging from dark situations to find light, with other tracks entitled ‘Where the Night Will Heal Our Pain’ and ‘Torchlight.’

The full EP will be released on 20th October and [lessness] will be releasing videos throughout the month in order to add to listeners’ experience of their music. The first of these videos is for the EP’s lead single ‘Cwtch’ which will be released on 29th September. Be ready to experience unprecedented levels of creativity on this highly ambitious debut project from [lessness].

Contact [lessness] on
forum Drone, Noise, Electronic, Experimental ›› Luigi Segnana proves that less is more, with [less... ›› new reply Post Reply

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