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Time Husk
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December 24 2016 1:12 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Hey Guys,

For any new rappers who want to a chance to become known check out my new app called Smytex. Users can have their own page and live stream their own music. Fans can follow users.I include features for user to battle against other user live. Viewed can see both users battle at same time then vote on winner. User can set a live challenge, set date time and number of rounds. The two users who battle will see each other like FaceTime while viewers can see both screens at once or choose one screen to look at current user.

Just about any genre of music but obviously rap is main focus point. Just reaching out to anyone who wants to help test it out as I'm trying to help anyone in the game who is struggling to get known. It's only on android right now but iPhone is coming out in January. Lots of features to come like tournaments for cash prizes and in app customizable music for people to make their own music.
Time Husk
1 Posts

March 3 2017 7:16 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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