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Dark, passionate, exhilarating and expansive, these are just some of the words that come to mind when listening to Headrix’s newest single “The Dream” from the forthcoming “Losing My Sanity” EP. Released by Israel’s Headrix, “The Dream” is a hypnotic electronic dance music track that along with the rest of the “Losing My Sanity” EP was designed to move dancefloors and create transformative moments of reflection and renewal. Featuring dramatic electro infused builds, soaring melodic vocals and a real emphasis on storytelling, this is music with heart and soul, designed to bring people together to realize new opportunities and deep cathartic joy.

“The Dream” has a dark, progressive, EDM sound guided by a powerful and deeply rhythmic melody. The vocal delivery has a dark and passionate sound with a highly accessible vocal performance. This track follows a narrative arc which explores challenging themes revolving around recurring dreams involving a long lost love interest. In this way, “The Dream” is a very vivid and emotive track that will allow listeners from around the world access to new ways of feeling and expressing themselves.

Headrix is an artist who is quite comfortable exploring the intersection of genres with the precision of a surgeon. Across his career he has explored many unique sonic palettes and with the Headrix project his dedication to the craft comes to life in a truly electrifying way. “The Dream” is truly a crossover track which can appeal to listeners who enjoy rock music as well as those who frequently find themselves in the darkness of underground rave culture. Headrix performs with a full live band which allows him to create the same soaring music which is captivating listeners around the world on his “Losing My Sanity” EP.

The “Losing My Sanity”EP will see worldwide release in January 2017. “The Dream” is the first single from the EP and features a music video which will allow the song to take on a new life of its own as fans around the world connect with this dark and emotive music landscape. Headrix is a truly exciting artist to behold and on “The Dream” his artistry and talent are center stage allowing a whole new world of fans to explore new dimensions of reality in a profound and thought provoking new way. If you are ready to explore truly exciting new EDM music, you need to check out Headrix’s new single “The Dream” and be on the lookout for his game changing “Losing My Sanity” EP!
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When a band writes descriptions like this one about themselves the apex of being gay is achieved.
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