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Crack Pie

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November 16 2016 7:56 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
While being the leader of one of the most influential hardcore bands of all time - the Cro-Mags - Jo
hardcore for life
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November 17 2016 6:34 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
i liked the 1st line up more, but i will definitely check out this new album, i want to listen how could sound the new stuff.
Pulp Free
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November 17 2016 6:43 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
I thought this was old news. I feel like I saw someone comment on a video John Joseph posted on facebook months ago about this signing.
Time Husk
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December 16 2016 4:24 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Jamming sessions updates required and always love the concerts of the listed musicians kindly update their interview also.
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June 20 2017 3:32 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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October 14 2017 8:33 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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