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March 14 2013 3:22 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by: oprahwinfrey

i still can't believe this is real.

I'm sorry, Nick
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March 14 2013 3:31 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Shit is bogus. There are people that actually deserve to die and of course another good person is dealt the wrong card instead.

This has had me a little shook on life since I first heard she passed.
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March 14 2013 4:00 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Originally posted by: KTroublesome

I haven't said too much about this situation but this morning Kendra was laid to rest and her best friend put this quote up. Even though I think Morrissey is an asshole of the ages, I feel like it fit really well. She would have hated that Morrissey was being used in ragards to her, but it fits and today is a prime example of why. With that being said, this situation has made me realize how important life really is and how quick it can be over. I for one will be hugging the crap out of my daughter and her mom today and everyday that follows.

"I want people to know that almost everything that concerns them in their daily lives is of no consequence whatsoever. Nothing and nobody is really important, so people, realizing that, should get on with their lives, go mad, take their clothes off, jump into the canal, jump into one of those supermarket trollys, race 'round the supermarket and steal Mars bars and, y'know, kiss kittens and sit on the back of bread vans. Whatever makes people happy they should just do it, 'cos time is a mere scratch and life is nothing."

Also...if you have diabetes or know someone who does........this goes to show how serious that affliction can be. I am officially a hater of diabetes. Make sure you tell those people how much they mean to you.

RIP Kendra. 27 was way too young.

I ended up in the hospital from work a few weeks ago, was there one second doing my job, next i find myself in a weird room covered with lights and strange people standing over me and whatnot. Realized that i was in the hospital being told that my sugars dropped suddenly and i was very dehydrated. Found that people at the job said i had hit my head and turned blue on the floor. Now i can't breathe in sleep, can't eat, lots of shit. Sweet blood is a terrifying thing to what it does to your mind and body. Didn't know Kendra, but the loss to community is a scary one, especially for me.

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January 12 2017 3:08 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
This thread was bumped by a retarded bot but I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I do miss Kendra.

That is all.
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February 3 2017 11:45 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
Time Husk
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September 9 2017 6:40 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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