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natty ice queen
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March 10 2008 7:12 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
I just need to know which method is more appealing to make full size images pop up from thumbnails

click here

The first way doesn't let you create a scrollable set, and it doesn't have a close button (you click the picture to close it), but you can move the box around the screen.

the second way has a close button and you can create a set, but you can't move the photo around the screen and if you click outside the picture it closes, unlike the first one.

which would you prefer, or would one be more annoying to use than the other?
Time Husk
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March 20 2017 8:06 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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March 20 2017 9:07 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
Time Husk
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April 21 2017 4:36 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
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April 21 2017 4:44 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
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