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October 20 2005 6:10 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
over my years as a student, i have developed a few theories on education. for the most part, i have kept them to myself, but now i shall share them with the world. prepare to be enlightened...

i wish to found an institute of higher learning in which these key ideas are implemented:

final grades for all courses will be determined by the following: 4 exams over the course of the semester, relevant group and individual projects, papers if applicable, and a one on one "interview" or personal evaluation done by the professor at the end of the semester to test the student's aptitude in the subject matter, with the most importance placed on the final individual review.

all tests will be take home. in the professional world, multiple resources are available, so why force students to memorize things they don't need to?

professors will be encouraged to build personal relationships with students through classroom discussion and personal interaction via meetings and appointments.

all professors will be required to take and pass a rigorous course in public speaking.

homework and busywork do not exist. extra work can be provided to the student if he or she wishes to create a buffer zone for his or her test scores, but will not be mandatory.

the requirements for graduation will be inversely proportional to the student's IQ. that is, a student with an IQ of 150 will have fewer requirements to fulfill than a student with an IQ of 120 in the same degree program.

students will only be required to take classes in his or her major. if the student wishes, he or she may take other classes and will get credit, but none will be required.

no greek life. (sorry all you greek kids.)

the last year of the student's tenure at the institution will be spent in his or her major field gaining experience through internships and co-op programs.

man, i'm a genius.
Time Husk
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January 12 2018 5:50 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
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