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December 1 2013 6:30 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
so, all those kids with rich parents that don't have to worry about financial aid or getting a job while in college? yeah, apparently they also learn more. and do better. sucks to be born into the lower castes.

Poverty reduces cognitive abilities, new study finds

Poverty consumes so much mental energy that people struggling to make ends meet often have little brainpower left for anything else, leaving them more susceptible to bad decisions that can perpetuate their situation, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science.

“Past research has often blamed [poverty] on the personal failings of the poor. They don’t work hard enough; they’re not focused enough,” said University of British Columbia professor Jiaying Zhao, who co-authored the study as a Princeton University graduate student.

As part of the study, researchers conducted experiments on two groups of subjects: low- and middle-income shoppers in a mall in New Jersey, and sugar cane farmers in rural India.

In the mall experiment, shoppers underwent a battery of tests to measure IQ and impulse control. However, half the participants were first given a “teaser” question — what they would do if their car had broken down and needed $1,500 worth of repairs — designed to put a pressing financial concerns at the forefront of their thoughts.

In India, researchers tested the cognitive capacity and decision-making of farmers before the sugar cane harvest, when they were most strapped for money, and afterwards, when they had fewer financial woes.

The results showed that people wrestling with the mental strain of poverty suffered a drop of as much as 13 points in their IQ — roughly the same found in people subjected to a night with no sleep.

“Poverty is the equivalent of pulling an all-nighter,” said Harvard economist Sandhil Mullainathan, another of the study’s authors. “Picture yourself after an all-nighter. Being poor is like that every day.”

Mullainathan said previous research often has assumed that poor people are poor because they are somehow less capable than others, whether inherently or because of past trauma or other environmental factors in their lives. But, he said, what the latest study suggests is that the strain of poverty can tax the cognitive abilities of anyone experiencing it — and that those abilities return when the burden of poverty disappears.

“While the poor may be experiencing a scarcity of money, at some level what they may really be experiencing is a scarcity of bandwidth, of cognitive capacity,” he said. “It’s the situation that’s creating the stress.”

Zhao and Mullainathan said that their findings, if accurate, could have profound implications for public policy.

For starters, policymakers “should beware of imposing cognitive taxes on the poor just as they avoid monetary taxes on the poor,” the paper states.

“You are captured by these monetary issues — how to pay rent, how to pay bills,” Zhao said. “As a result, you’re less attentive to other problems. You neglect other things in life that deserve your attention.”
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November 11 2014 3:13 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
im gay
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January 22 2015 8:48 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
me too
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April 8 2016 2:10 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
the fuck with these payday loans spam posts. lol

of course college should be free to anyone who can get in. period. the value to the country is in fact translatable to dollars as we become less competetive globally, as is the loss of every poor smart kid that winds up working at some retail job because he couldn't even conceive of affording college. one less engineer, one more mcdonalds employee. we are so far behind the rest of the world it's not funny. and still sinking.
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September 15 2016 6:18 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
i guess it depends..if your family haven't got loads of money, going to public college can be a good idea..still i m not so sure about the quality of education..but i guess you can learn as much as you d learn if you went to some prestigious depends on how good you re at studying..for example in france you pay in average 183 euros per year, in fact you can even get paid if you are really smart..but studying there is so hard and quite a lot of students cannot survive the first year..some are even resorting to do my essay fast or some other us if you have money you can get through college but in france if you follow the rules and pass all tests you get excellent, free or nearly-free education..but what i love about us colleges is that you have a possibility to choose which classes you want to some other countries there is standard curriculum and you have to attend each class..well you still can skip some..but anyways i like being in charge of my education so i d rather pay and know what i m paying for rather than just get paid for going to college but actually learn nothing
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September 16 2016 8:03 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
"but i guess you can learn as much as you d learn if you went to some prestigious college."

Its not all about what you can learn. It is about what resources you have access to, the people you have access to, the opportunities you have access to. These are often radically different between the more prestigious colleges and state schools.

The big problem is that at the moment a large part of what decides where one goes to college is money, not grades or potential.

"but anyways i like being in charge of my education so i d rather pay and know what i m paying for rather than just get paid for going to college but actually learn nothing"

The idea that the alternatives are either be in charge of what classes you take or learn nothing is absolutely ludicrous.
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September 16 2016 10:06 PM   QuickQuote Quote  
gaying for collage
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August 4 2017 6:48 AM   QuickQuote Quote  
This is a problem for many students: study and its payment. And guys who study in high school or college often face with this. Often they go to work, because getting on the budget is more and more difficult, and all wants to get an education. Especially, it concerns foreign students. Therefore, they use various resources that help in a study. And given what DeVos wants to do with the education system, I don't dare to guess what will happen next.
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