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May 5 2005 10:58 AM   QuickQuote Quote  

05/18/05: philadelphia. with: endless nightmare / dissystema / aghast.
05/19/05: new york city. northsix (66 north 6th street). with: disassociate / celebrity murders / deathcycle ad.
05/20/05: providence rhoade island. the green room (145 clifford street). with: toxic holocaust.
05/21/05: albany: gloom fest. valentines (17 new scotland avenue / with: jerry's kids / 9 shocks terror / fucked up / career suicide / the rites / toxic holocaust. 14:00 / $13.
05/ 22/05: allston massachusetts. regeneration records (155 Harvard).
05/23/05: rochester new york. fort shenguin (house show: 537 caroline street). with: bludwulf.
05/24/05: wilkinsburgh pennsylvania. mr. roboto project ( with: kim phuc.
05/25/05: ann arbor michigan. the bad idea house (807 north main street). with: randon axe of terror / nightbringer.
05/26/05: cincinatti ohio. lil' bits bar (2401 vine street). with: dead hate the living / envenomed.
05/27/05: chicago illinois. 1719 west albion. with: the pedestrians.
05/28/05: minneapolis minnesota. the red sea (320 cedar street / with: vaaregeera.
05/29/05: milwaukee wisconsin. shorewood legion hall (4121 north wilson street). with: high on crime / no slogan.
05/31/05: lawrence kansas. the haunted kitchen (1900 louisiana street /
06/01/05: oklahoma city oklahoma. the conservatory (8911 north western street /
06/02/05: denton texas. j&j's pizza place (1118 west aak street).
06/03/05: austin texas. emo's (603 red river street). "chaos en tejas" festival ( $13.
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forum Hardcore, Metal, Punk Rock, Emo ›› AVSKUM u.s. tour dates! ›› new reply Post Reply

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